Dear Peter: Do you dislike Sophie Quire? – Caleb, RWANDA

We’ll I wouldn’t go that far, but she can be a pretty big know-it-all.

Dear Peter: Are you aware that you are a character in a book named Peter Nimble and another book named Sophie Quire by the same author that wrote the tale of… well… you? – Conor, AZ

Your question makes my head hurt.

Dear Peter: Ddid Sir Tode ever turn into a human again? – Lawson, TX

That’s a story for another day!

Dear Peter: What unbeknownst hardships are there to being blind (besides the tragedy of not being able to read, that is)? – Kenzie, WI

The thing I hated the most about being blind was the way people would treat me–as if I were fragile or helpless. My favorite part was proving those same people wrong!

Dear Peter: If you had the opportunity to bring your parents back to life, but have to assassinate the hag that cursed Sir Tode, what would you choose to do? – Kenzie, WI

Hmm … that’s tough. I think Sir Tode would understand if I chose to bring my parents back.

Dear Peter: Do you like Sophie? – Shim, Somewhere

I like the thought that someday people will stop asking me this question!

Dear Peter: What does peg think of Sophie ? And where is Sophie’s father staying? – Milagros, NC

Sophie and Peg haven’t met yet … I’m sort of afraid they’d both gang up on me! Sophie’s father is still running the bookshop in Bustleburgh — you should visit some time!

Dear Peter: What are your friends names? – Dinkus, NY

Well, none of them have names as great as “Dinkus” …

Dear Peter: Is Sophie annoying? And do you know what a movie is? – Caleb, RWANDA

Sophie’s not nearly as annoying as I tell her she is. Not sure about a “movie” … is that a kind of dance?

Dear Peter: You’re awesome! – Ashley, CA

Thank’s! You’re pretty great, too!

Dear Peter: If you would have to chose Sophie or Sir Tode, what would you do? – Sophie, CA

Prigg tried to make me choose, and I couldn’t do it! Who would YOU pick???

Dear Peter: Is another one of your adventures are going to be published? (PS: I think everyone wants one, and with from Sit Tode’s Point of View) – Sarvesh, USA

I’ve been trying to get Sir Tode to tell his story for years! Who knows, maybe some day it’ll happen …

Dear Peter: Do you have a middle name? What is it? – CCLMH, GA

If I told you it was “Danger” would you believe me?

Dear Peter: What’s it like having a sister? – Ella, Ontario

It’s great until she tries to boss me around!

Dear Peter: What is the most insulting thing Sophie has ever said to you? – Lucy, GA

That’s the trick when dealing with Sophie: the meaner the insult, the more I smile …  which makes her furious!

Dear Peter: Why is Professor Cake so mysterious? What’s his story? – Sarah, TX

You have no idea how many times I’ve asked that same question!

– Peter

Dear Peter: If you had one wish, would would you wish. Note: You cannot wish for more wishes. :) – Addy, MI

I wish I could have seen my parents, even for a moment.

– Peter

Dear Peter: What is the worst part to be blind? Kisses from Brazil! – Carla Luz

The worst part was not being able to read. Also, kisses are gross!

– Peter

Dear Peter: How does it feel to be famous? Do you wish sometimes that you were’nt so well known? – Marie, NV

Sometimes it’s fun … but it sure makes sneaking about a lot harder!

– Peter

Dear Peter: Does Sophie know you’re a prince and you have a sister? – Karen, Japan

She knows I have a sister. I haven’t quite told her the rest yet. I’m not sure she’d believe me!

– Peter

Dear Peter: Do you like Sophie Quire? – Lana, PA

Well, I don’t *dislike* her …

– Peter

Dear Peter: Do you only answer a question a day? – Manny, IL

I can only answer questions when I’m not out adventuring … which isn’t too often!

– Peter

Dear Peter: Is Peg smitten with any princes? – Marshall, Vancouver

Peg has more suitors than a dog has fleas. So far she’s sent every one of them packing!

– Peter

Dear Peter: Whats your favorite book besides Peter Nimble and Sophie Quire? – Mark, ME

I’m quite fond of THE SEAS BEYOND THE SEA by Veena Bluestocking

– Peter

Dear Peter: If you could choose a different path in life other than stealing, what would it be? – Ethan, WI

If I had more patience, I could imagine being a clockmaker.

– Peter

Dear Peter: Are you ever going to get married? Answer with a yes or no. – March, NM

Yes or no.

– Peter

Dear Peter: Answer with only ‘yes’ or ‘no’, would you ever date Sophie? – Marty, TX
Yes or no.
– Peter

Dear Peter: Dear Peter do you like Sophie? – Karen, Japan

You known what I DON’T like? Answering THIS QUESTION!!!

– Peter

Dear Peter: When did you change your silver hand from a hook to the sword that it is when you meet Sophie Quire? – Samantha, USA

You are a very observant reader! I can only assume you are some master swordsmith from a distant land. To answer your question: at some point, I realized it would make a better weapon if the pointy end was turned *away* from me, and so I had it changed.

– Peter

Dear Peter: If you could summarize Sophie and your relationship in one world, what would the word be and why? – Adalynn, MI
– Peter