Dear Peter: When traveling with Sophie, did you ever notice the books of Who, What, Where, and When get wet? Do they simply stay dry, or did you and Sophie always have to dry them off? – Kenzie, Wisconsin

This question makes you sound like a real bookmender! Sophie told me that the Four Questions were made of something called “vellum,” which is not paper, but very thin slices of animal hide. Yuck!

Dear Peter: Does your silver hand cause any problems? (Such as ripping blankets, etc.) – Sam, GA

Let’s just say I won’t ever pick my nose again …

Dear Peter: What is Sophie’s all time favorite book or book series? – Kenzie, Wisconsin

Sophie has always loved THE SEAS BEYOND THE SEA by Veena Bluestocking … which was written by a fellow StoryGuard. Sophie tried to get me to read it once, but I thought it was sort of boring. (Don’t tell her I said that!)

Dear Peter: I asked this question before, but you said something silly, but I ask this without romantic intentions. If you could summarise your relationship with Sophie in one word, what would it be and why? :) Charlotte says Hi! – Adalynn, MI

You’ll forgive my previous answer. I just don’t understand why people keep asking me about Sophie! We are JUST FRIENDS.

Dear Peter: Will there be a third tale of your adventures? – Kenzie, Wisconsin

The adventures have already happened! The only question is whether Mr Auxier will get around to making a book about them. (He’s very slow.) The next time you see him, please tell him to HURRY UP!

Dear Peter: How do you not know what a movie is, yet you are answering people’s questions online on a website? I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure movies were invented before internet. – Jack, GA

It’s like you’re talking in a foreign language! “Internet?” “Website?” “Online?” I’m pretty sure you’re making up these words.

Dear Peter: If you were a theif, why didn’t you steal diamonds and crystals instead of peoples’ purses? – Kihokuri, Japan

Most people keep diamonds in the form of jewelry. It’s much easier to nick a wallet from someone’s pocket than a ring from their finger!

Dear Peter: What do you like best about Sir Tode? – Jack, Ontario

Sir Tode is the most loyal and courageous spirit I have ever met. He would give up his life for his friends in a heartbeat — I have a lot to learn from that old knight!

Dear Peter: What was it like to discover you where desined for greatness and had a quest? Also is acting in a split second hard? – The Hooded Blade, CT

Wait, is this the “Hooded Blade” who singlehandedly robbed all of Coventry Keep in broad daylight? I’m a big fan of your work!

Dear Peter: If you had to pick, would you pick your sense of smell or your hearing? – Legend, US

I need both senses to make my way in the world. But I don’t think I can imagine living without being able to hear the voices of my closest friends.

Dear Peter: Did you ever feel odd that ravens caused you to be blind, yet they also did you a great favor in your adventures? – Harper, NYC

I used to think about that all the time. Professor Cake taught me the word “eucatastrophe,” which is the idea that good things can come from terrible suffering — I think that pretty much sums up what happened to me!

Dear Peter: Did you ever feel weird sticking gems in your eyes? – Kat, United States


Dear Peter: Does Sophie ever read to you? Can you ask her to suggest a book for me to read? – Robbie, Korea

Sometimes, Sophie tries to read to me … but I usually fall asleep before she gets too far. If you’re looking for book recommendations, you might want to check out this list of great stories by other authors!

Dear Peter: Please tell Mr Auxier that there should be a movie for Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes, and also one for Sophie Quire and the Last Storyguard. – Sophie, FL

I will definitely do that! … once I figure out what a “movie” is.

Dear Peter: How did your story come to be known in this world? How did Jonathan Auxier learn of it? Did Sir Tode tell him? – Alexa, Everlasting Hills, Cesphirano

To be honest, I’m not sure how Mr Auxier learned about my adventures. It certainly wasn’t from Sir Tode, who had intended to write a Peter Nimble book of his own. I suspect Mr Auxier has an army of spies working for him — ever on the lookout for exciting stories to steal!

Dear Peter: What is the best part of having a sister? – George, FL

I spent my whole life thinking I had no family or home. To discover that I had a sister made me feel less alone.

Dear Peter: Will you ask Sophie what it’s like to have you as a friend? Please? – Addy, MI

Sophie would probably say it’s “tiresome” or “vexing,” but that’s all just show. Having me for a friend is FANTASTIC!

Dear Peter: Why did you get rid of the feather in your hat after Sophie said it made you look like ‘an ostrich in mounring?’ P.S Tell Sophie that her comment made me laugh maybe a little too much. It was awesome! My friends and I joke about it all the time. – Addy, MI

She had made fun of my hat and I got embarrassed. It was a moment of weakness, and I sorely regret it. I ruined a perfectly good hat!

Dear Peter: Will Mr Auxier ever write a new book about you, Sophie, and Sir Tode’s adventures? – Paolo, BC, Canada

I’m pretty sure that Mr Auxier is the Slowest Writer in the World. I keep telling him to HURRY UP, but he just won’t listen. In the meantime, you might want to check out this list of great books by other authors that Mr Auxier thinks fans of my stories might enjoy!

Dear Peter: Have you ever met the second greatest thief who ever lived? If so, what happened? – Kenzie, Wisconsin

Once he saw me in action, he gave up all hope of being the best!

Dear Peter: Would you go on a date with Sophie? (Answer with a yes or a yes.);) – Charlotte, MI

Yes, I would NEVER EVER go on a date with Sophie!

Dear Peter: Daitbthfgbf


Dear Peter: What would you do if Mr. Seamus had a son? Would you flip out or what? – Charlotte and Addy, Mi

In order for Mr Seamus to have a son, some lady would need to love him first. And that’s pretty much impossible to imagine! But if he did have a son, I would feel bad for the kid. I know well what it’s like to live with that man.

Dear Peter: When are we going to hear another one of your stories? – Addy, MI

Mr Auxier is being rather slow at writing it down. Perhaps you’d like to do the job for him?

Dear Peter: Describe Sophie in as minimal words as possible. – Addy, MI

Is “know-it-all” one word or three?

Dear Peter: What is it lke have a fishhook for an arm? – Morgan, Australia

It’s pretty “handy” ….  BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!
(You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to make that joke!)

Dear Peter: What is Peg’s last name? – Anna, SK

Hazelgood, just like her parents.

Dear Peter: What would happen if you put two different eyes in your sockets, like one in each eye? – Robert, TX

I don’t know for certain, but I suspect I would die horribly. Or hilariously. Either way, I don’t think it’s worth the risk!

Dear Peter: What color is your hair? – Logan, Earth

I would describe it as chestnut brown. Peg would say it’s the color of fresh dung.

Dear Peter: How do you not know what a movie is yet when you are answering peoples’ questions online? I’m pretty sure movies were invented before internet, at least in this world. – Alex, USA

I don’t know what an “internet” is. I can only assume it’s some sort of safety device for a circus artist.