Dear Peter: How do you not know what a movie is yet when you are answering peoples’ questions online? I’m pretty sure movies were invented before internet, at least in this world. – Alex, USA

I don’t know what an “internet” is. I can only assume it’s some sort of safety device for a circus artist.

Dear Peter: If Mr. Seamus was being attacked by a bunch of wild animals, had a change of heart, told you he was sorry, and begged you to come save him, would you? – Alexis, Somewhere

The idea of a man like Mr Seamus having a change of heart is laughable. That being said, I think that when I was younger, I would have let him die. But I know that Sir Tode wouldn’t let that happen — he would insist that a TRUE hero would not let a personal grudge get in the way of saving the day.

Dear Peter: What one word would you use to describe yourself? – Alexis, ???

Is it too cheesy if I say FANTASTIC?

Dear Peter: Will you ever answer my question?! – Alexis, ???


Dear Peter: If Peg and Sophie ganged up on you, and it turned into a fight, who do you think would win? – Alexis, Somewhere

It’s really a question of whether you want me to fight them with one hand tied behind my back or two. Either way, I’d suggest you put your money on Peter Nimble!

Dear Peter: How are you reading these if you’re blind? – Shenaya, Ontario

You clearly haven’t finished reading my book!

Dear Peter: Do you like Sophie Quire? And do you think Sophie likes you? – Olivia, Poland

Why do people keep asking this question?!? Sophie and I are JUST! FRIENDS! (Wait, did she say something about liking me?)

Dear Peter: Were you surprised when Sophie said that she trusted you with her life? – Alexis, Right Here

I really was surprised. What I didn’t tell her at the time was that I would trust her with my life, too. (If you tell her I said that, I’ll deny EVERYTHING!)

Dear Peter: Do you think Sophie likes you? You two seem to be awfully close. Also, i’m a big fan of your story and author. :) – Lexie, Somewhere

Pretty much every girl I’ve ever rescued is in love with me — so I can’t blame her Sophie if she does. And for the record, Mr Auxier is not MY author. He’s just some glorified typist. The real storyteller is Sir Tode — now HE knows how to spin a thrilling yarn!

Dear Peter: Is Peg sometimes annoying? – Ali, Portugal

I think you misspelled “always.” And the answer is YES!

Dear Peter: Do you think Sophie Quire is pretty? – Shanise, WI

Sure I do! She’s pretty bossy, pretty smug, and pretty irritating. (She’s also pretty helpful in an adventure.)

Dear Peter: Why do you cover your eyes with a bandage even though you can see? – Ally, Portugal

The easiest way to explain it is that, whether I can see or not, being blind is a part of who I am. I just don’t feel like myself without the blindfold.

Dear Peter: Can you teach us how to be good at thievery. We would really appreciate it. – Luke and Alexis, ???

The way I learned was the “Mr. Seamus” method. He locked all my food in a trunk and told me if I wanted to eat, I had better learn to open it!

Dear Peter: Will you be in another book soon? On another adventure? – Grace, WA

Sir Tode and I have had plenty of adventures since our time in Bustleburgh … but Mr Auxier is a very slow typist, so I have no idea when he’ll get around to putting them all down!

Dear Peter: Is Mr. Auxier working on your next adventure and is Sophie going to be your sidekick? – Ruth, BC

Well, Sophie would probably insist that I will be HER sidekick and not the other way around, but that’s an argument for a different day!

Dear Peter Nimble : How do you do the Drowsy Dodger, the McNeery twist, cobwebbing, and what would you use for Knuckleslop? from a soon-to-be “theif” – M.S., ???

If I told you my secrets then they wouldn’t be secrets anymore! I’ve found it’s always best for each thief to find his or her own way into crime–good luck … and don’t get caught!

Dear Peter: Do you dislike Sophie Quire? – Caleb, RWANDA

We’ll I wouldn’t go that far, but she can be a pretty big know-it-all.

Dear Peter: Are you aware that you are a character in a book named Peter Nimble and another book named Sophie Quire by the same author that wrote the tale of… well… you? – Conor, AZ

Your question makes my head hurt.

Dear Peter: Ddid Sir Tode ever turn into a human again? – Lawson, TX

That’s a story for another day!

Dear Peter: What unbeknownst hardships are there to being blind (besides the tragedy of not being able to read, that is)? – Kenzie, WI

The thing I hated the most about being blind was the way people would treat me–as if I were fragile or helpless. My favorite part was proving those same people wrong!

Dear Peter: If you had the opportunity to bring your parents back to life, but have to assassinate the hag that cursed Sir Tode, what would you choose to do? – Kenzie, WI

Hmm … that’s tough. I think Sir Tode would understand if I chose to bring my parents back.

Dear Peter: Do you like Sophie? – Shim, Somewhere

I like the thought that someday people will stop asking me this question!

Dear Peter: What does peg think of Sophie ? And where is Sophie’s father staying? – Milagros, NC

Sophie and Peg haven’t met yet … I’m sort of afraid they’d both gang up on me! Sophie’s father is still running the bookshop in Bustleburgh — you should visit some time!

Dear Peter: What are your friends names? – Dinkus, NY

Well, none of them have names as great as “Dinkus” …

Dear Peter: Is Sophie annoying? And do you know what a movie is? – Caleb, RWANDA

Sophie’s not nearly as annoying as I tell her she is. Not sure about a “movie” … is that a kind of dance?

Dear Peter: You’re awesome! – Ashley, CA

Thank’s! You’re pretty great, too!

Dear Peter: If you would have to chose Sophie or Sir Tode, what would you do? – Sophie, CA

Prigg tried to make me choose, and I couldn’t do it! Who would YOU pick???

Dear Peter: Is another one of your adventures are going to be published? (PS: I think everyone wants one, and with from Sit Tode’s Point of View) – Sarvesh, USA

I’ve been trying to get Sir Tode to tell his story for years! Who knows, maybe some day it’ll happen …

Dear Peter: Do you have a middle name? What is it? – CCLMH, GA

If I told you it was “Danger” would you believe me?

Dear Peter: What’s it like having a sister? – Ella, Ontario

It’s great until she tries to boss me around!